Raffle and Bingo License Information

Raffle Application 

Bingo Application 

Application Amendment

Criminal Affidavit

Submit the following:

  1. Organization registration (must be the original certificate issued by the State of New Jersey for the current year).
  2. Four (4) Sets of a Complete Application (with original signatures and original notary stamp/seal on all 4 copies). *Note that an officer  of the organization as well as the member in charge of the game must sign all applications before a notary.
  3. Submit Criminal Affidavit.
  4. Submit two (2) copies of sample raffle ticket for off-premise raffles.
  5. Two (2) checks in the amount applicable (based on raffle type and/or value of prizes):

         - 1 check payable to the “Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission”

          - 1 check payable to the “Borough of Fair Lawn”

You must submit separate applications for each on-premise draw, off-premise draw, on- premise 50/50, and off-premise 50/50.

Raffles  are  regulated  and  governed  by  the  New  Jersey  Legalized  Games  of  Chance  Control Commission.      

For   complete   details   and   requirements   refer   to   the   State’s  website  at NJ Community Affairs Website.