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Food Establishment Guidelines, Inspections And Safety

The New Jersey State Retail Food Code requires that the local health authority inspect every retail food establishment as often as it deems necessary. The Health Inspector conducts an unannounced complete inspection at least once per year with follow up inspections to ensure that corrected action was taken. During site inspections, the Inspector ensures that food employees are applying safe handling procedures. 

Please visit the Food Establishment page for complete information. 


Outdoor Pesticide Application: Pesticides must be used according to label direction under penalty of EPA law. Large quantity, outdoor spray applications of pesticides require neighbor notifications. Homeowners using lawn services or contractors for pest and weed control must ensure that the service is licensed with the State and has a Fair Lawn Health Department registration. For more information, call 201-794-5327.

Cosmetology And Hairstyling Establishment Inspections

The Municipal Department of Health shall inspect all establishments in the Borough of Fair Lawn in order to ensure proper health, safety and sanitation for establishments defined in N.J.S.A. 45:5B-3, Subdivision j, as "Cosmetology and hairstyling," and N.J.S.A. 45:5B-3, Subdivision l, as "Manicuring," more commonly known as "barbershops," "beauty salons" or "nail salons."

The following fees are established for the aforesaid inspections: 

A. Initial annual inspection fee: $50.

B. Payment received after 30 days $100

C. First reinspection: $50

D. Subsequent re-inspections $75/additional inspections 

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