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2023 Officers

  • President: Saul Rochman
  • Vice President: Dimitry Mikhaylov
  • Secretary/Programming: Michael Rochman

Who We Are:
Fair Lawn Television Productions, Inc. is an all volunteer group that is dedicated to providing television programming to the residents of the Borough of Fair Lawn.

We are funded by the Fair Lawn Borough Council through the regular operating budget and capital budget as approved by the Mayor and Council.

Fair Lawn Television Productions, Inc. is always looking for dedicated volunteers to assist us in the production of television programs, live broadcasts and our community bulletin board.

Volunteers do not need any previous television experience and will be trained by FLTV Productions. Experience with a home video camera is helpful to new volunteers.

Volunteers are required to attend one meeting per month, participate in the production of at least one show and assist in the live broadcast of Borough Council meetings.

To join, please download our application and fax or mail it to us. 

Community Bulletin Board:
When shows are not running, our community bulletin board alerts residents of community events, announcements and more. Fair Lawn non-profit organizations, clubs, agencies and Borough Departments may post announcements by submitting our bulletin board form to tvannouncements@fairlawn.org.

Submit Your Own Video:
Have you taped a Fair Lawn event? Have you produced your own show?

Show it on Fair Lawn TV! Follow these simple steps:

Download & complete our program submission form.

Submit your VHS, DVD, SVHS or MINI-DV tape with the form.

Fair Lawn TV will make every effort to play submitted tapes within 30 days of receipt. Programming changes on Fridays at the discretion of FLTV. No tapes including adult themes or nudity will be aired.

Tapes may not have any words or images as banned by FCC regulations.

Tips for Taping:
Some of the tapes that we receive for airing are not suitable for display due to audio or video problems. Please try using some of these hints to make your videos more viewable.

  1. Use a tripod. Shaky video makes people nauseous!
  2. Make sure that your video is in focus!
  3. If you are using the microphone on your camera, you should be within 5 feet of the subject to get good audio. Use a microphone where possible.
  4. You can tape an opening title and ending credits by writing the credits on a dry erase board and filming them.
  5. Turn off the date/time stamp.


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