Daily Permit Parking

To pay for daily and monthly permits for RESIDENTS and NON-RESIDENTS:

Purchase of Daily Permits – Commuters (RESIDENTS AND NON-RESIDENTS) may pay to park daily from Parkmobile. To register, please download the Parkmobile app on your smart phone or call Parkmobile Member Services at 1-877-727-5457.

Residents must also email or call to register as a resident to receive the $1.00 per day daily rate. To receive the resident $1.00 you must first register an account as stated above. You must then email the Records Bureau (preferable method) at records@fairlawnpd.com. You may also call 201-794-5418. Please provide the name, address and license plate(s) of the vehicle(s) on the account. Upon our validation of residence, you will receive confirmation from our office that you are registered for the discounted rate. Discounted rates may take up to 5 days to verify and be applied. Residents that do not receive a confirmation for the discounted rate will not receive a refund if they are charged the $6.00 daily parking rate.

Parking/Paying with a Daily Permit:

  1. Once you have found a parking space, launch the mobile app or call 1-877-727-5304.
  2. Please note the parking zone number located on the nearby signage.
  3. In the rare event that Parkmobile's daily permit system is not working, you can contact the Fair Lawn Police Department's Dispatch Center at 201-796-1400. Once they confirm that the Parkmobile system is not functioning they will accept the commuters license plate and allow the commuter to park for the day.

Please make sure your vehicle information is correct and up to date with Parkmobile.

Last Updated: Fri, 11/22/2019 - 1:22pm