Community Garden

Mission Statement

The Community Garden is a space where community members of all ages can connect with one another in a hands-on, respectful and peaceful environment around the activity of growing organic food. We are committed to the preservation of open space, native habitat for biodiversity, learning and teaching about organic and sustainable gardening methods. 

Our Values

Honesty, Inclusivity, Innovativeness, Enthusiasm

To Achive our Goals:

  • Encourage garden members to set and achieve their goals
  • Allow members to participate in decision making and to consider the social and community impacts of the decision
  • Work on group projects together for the betterment of the entire garden
  • Reciprocate with other local community gardens
  • Decelop partnerships and networks with local government and other community organizations within our town
  • Focus on the sustainability of programs and initiatives over the longer term
  • Act in a non-partisan way at all times
  • Act against discrimination - trating everyone equally and with respect
  • Aspire to be well governed, effectively managed and a sustainable not-for-profit community organization. 

History Of The Community Garden

The Fair Lawn Community Garden was originally created to give apartment dwellers a place to garden. This Community Garden has since grown to include Fair Lawn residents irresctive of what type of dwelling they occupy. 

Interested In Getting A Growing Space (Plot)?

The Fair Lawn Community Garden is a member-only organization. If you are interested in getting a plot please contact us at

Plots are assigned on a yearly basis, as available. 

Photo Credit:  Sandie Clarke On Unsplash